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Home Sketches, Note Cards

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Black & White home sketch and the same house with watercolor added

Samples of home sketches with color added


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Whether you have a mobile home or a mansion, a home sketch is a treat! Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!

A PEN & INK HOUSE SKETCH makes a perfect gift for the new homeowner or as a lasting remembrance of the old homestead. Great for a housewarming, newlyweds, or a holiday gift. You may also order notecards, reproduced from the original artwork. These can be adapted for Holiday cards (Pat can add a wreath on the door, etc.), plus a short message on the front or back at no extra charge. (Additional printing charge for an inside message). Pat will keep a copy of the original drawing on hand in case the recipient of a sketch would later like to have note cards done.

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Pat has been creating house portraits since 1976 when she did historical notepaper and sketches for community fund-raisers. Pat works mostly in pen & ink, but other work may be commissioned. She works from your photo, so be sure to tell her any necessary additional information, (like "the tree on the left has been removed," "please omit the car or trash cans", etc.


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GIFT CERTIFICATES are available. If you don’t have a photo, but know this is a gift they will treasure, call or email Pat for a gift certificate with a brochure that has no prices listed to include with your gift. Isn’t this a great real estate gift for your buyers and sellers?

Pat will also do an illustration of your church, school, firehouse, or area historical buildings to be used as a fund-raiser.

If you need an illustration of your bed & breakfast or other business, Pat will gladly do that for you. You are welcome to use the sketch for reproduction /advertising/brochures. However, Pat will retain the copyright.

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Have a sketch of your farm, cabin or beach house….Florida winter home, condo, town house, city brownstone, or mobile home. Even the tree house or dog house!! Send a photo. Email or call if you have any questions!

Allow 3-4 weeks.


(Prices listed are for standard size homes.  A price quote will be given for elaborate, more work intensive sketching.)


9X11 sketch in 11X14 mat $75
with watercolor added $105
Framed in oak, walnut or cherry, B/W $95
Framed in oak, walnut or cherry, color $120

Just Note Cards - (without a larger sketch, the price will be $50 for 50 notecards and envelopes. Please understand that there will be
fewer details when not working from a reduced larger sketch.)

50 for $50
Matching note cards, 4.25"X5.5" folded, B/W only 50 for $35




Note Cards

Pat lived in Dutchess County, NY for most of her life and created a collection of sketches of many Hudson Valley buildings and scenes.

Many of these are available on notecards. Since moving to Washington County in northeast Tennessee Pat has added notepaper and postcards of historic Jonesborough scenes. The 2010 Jonesborough, TN calendar will feature Pat's sketches of local historic buildings



Specify Dutchess County, NY 1 and 2

Orange and Ulster Counties, NY

Jonesborough, TN

Churches and Light houses

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