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From pressed flowers
From your photos
Pressed flower art
Mat, pressed flowers


Pat has created calendars of historical buildings and would love to create one for your community, etc. You supply photos to work from.  Email or call for more details.

Pat Smith takes great pleasure in creating beautiful pen & ink home sketches and meaningful framed calligraphy pieces to celebrate momentous occasions and preserve special memories, working from her home in picturesque, Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. The verses in her vast collection are meant to uplift, encourage and brighten your day. Each piece is hand lettered and then printed on tan or light gray parchment.

She spends many hours in her gardens growing, picking and pressing the colorful flowers that make Sonshine Crafts distinctive. The pressed flowers are preserved naturally and will last for years if kept out of direct sunlight. Only quality wood frames are used. All work is guaranteed

To make her work accessible to all, Pat keeps the prices reasonable. 
Any verse from her collection can be done in your choice of mat and
flower colors and frame (included in prices).
Click on the Order button to see all the selections available.



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Friendship Blessings Family Children
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Scripture Marriage Bereavement Miscellaneous
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Just Flowers


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Floral Gallery House Sketch
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Pressed Flower Lady Sample Cards

Great Glass and Lucite Gift Ideas

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8x10 Prints

Love and Marriage Friends and Family Bible Miscellaneous
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See each section for just a sampling of the many verses available for every occasion. Call or email to get a listing of other verses in a specific category (nurses, graduation, communion and confirmation, birthdays, etc).


5”x 7”…. $28

8”x 10”….. $38

11”x 14”….. $48

8"x 10" prints..... $10

Smaller and Larger sizes available


Pat will do your favorite Scripture or poem to order.
Size and price will depend on the length of the piece.
Call or email her for a quote and to discuss details.


are created by hand (not computer generated!) from your photo.

These make a great gift for someone with a new home or about to leave an old homestead.
Email or mail several photos (digital preferred). A proof will be emailed for your approval before completion.

Prices listed are for standard size homes.  
A price quote will be given for elaborate, more work intensive sketching.

A 9x11 in 11x14 mat…………$75
In 11”x14” frame….$95
With watercolor wash added ...$105
With watercolor wash and frame….$120
Matching (b&w) note cards 50/$35
(from the original sketch)

Shipping USPS Priority Insured, actual charge varies with distance and weight

To order just note cards without a larger sketch,
the price will be $50 for 50 notecards and envelopes.
Please understand that there will be fewer details
when not working from a reduced larger sketch.

Other sizes available



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We gladly accept
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Sonshine Crafts
Pat Smith

114 Meadowview Drive, Jonesborough, TN 37659
(423) 753-3896


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All quotes within this web site have been obtained from various sources over the past twenty years. When known, the author is given credit. However, I have been unable to locate any author on many of the verses I have used, and do not knowingly or intentionally infringe on anyone else's work. Please e-mail me if you believe credit needs to be given for any of these items, *or* permission from the author needs to be gained.

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